Natalia Godunko Profile, Pics And Wallpapers 2011

Natalia Godunko Profile
Full Name: Natalya Godunko (In Russian - Natalia Godunko)
Nick Name : Natasha, Nata
Birth Place: Ukraine, Kiev
Birth Date::  5th of December, 1984
Residence: Ukraine, Kiev
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 42.5 kg
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian
Club: Deruigins school
Coach: Irina Deruigina, Albina Deruigina, Oksana Rizatdinova (group)
Favorite Gymnast: Alexandra Timoshenko
Member of the National Team: Junior - till 1998 (competed on the Junior games in Moscow and Aeon Cup), senior - 1998
Favorite books: Love-stories, mystery stories
Favourite Music: Popular
Favourite Colour : Multicoloured
Other Sports: Figure skating, soccer, tennis and dancing

Natalia Godunko
 Natalia Godunko
 Natalia Godunko
 Natalia Godunko
 Natalia Godunko
 Natalia Godunko
 Natalia Godunko

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